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>> Wednesday, June 4, 2014

31-05-2014Rubella prevention vaccination - Regarding
31-05-2014Permission to conduct classes without affecting school day to day activities
31-05-2014Teacher Text - Hand Books based on new text books
31-05-2014QIP - Monitoring Instructions
31-05-2014Tobacco Free School - Instructions
30-05-2014Education Calender 2014-15
30-05-2014Child Right Commission - Protection of child rights - Pledge - Message - Circular
30-05-2014Muthoot M.George Excellence Award
30-05-2014P.S.C Examinations - Instructions for appointing invigilators
30-05-2014School Pravesanothsavam 2014-15 - Message from Education Minister
29-05-2014Pre-Monsoon preparation against Epidemics - Regarding
29-05-2014 June 5 - World Environment Day
29-05-2014 Vacancy on loss of pay should be filled from Teacher's bank only - orders issued
29-05-2014School Pravesanothsavam 2014 -15 Directions - Song Lyrics - Mp3
26-05-2014Payment of arrears of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners
26-05-2014HBA - Online Registration-Instructions issued
26-05-2014 Kerala Co-Operative Employe's Board - Application for cash award
26-05-2014 Noon Feeding 2014-15 - General Instructions
26-05-2014Diploma in Education (DEd ) Course -2014 -16 (TTC) Notification | Application Form | Application form -Self finance(Merit Quota) | Application form -(Management Quota) | List of Training Schools
24-05-2014 Road Safety Club Activities - Regarding
22-05-2014 World Environment Day Observation - Regarding
22-05-2014NMMS 2014 -15 - Circular - Results
22-05-2014TC/School Promotion/Admission - not mandatory through sampoorna till internet facility is available - Circular
22-05-2014Instructions for ensuring safety of child - based on Master Shefeiq Committee Report
20-05-2014Staff Fixation 2013 -14 Letter to all educational officers - List of schools
20-05-2014School Code Unification - Govt. Order
17-05-2014Staff fixation 2013-14 - Schoolwise report
17-05-2014ICT Award for teachers -2014 Notifications | Application form
17-05-2014Departmental promotion committe(lower)-2014 -Details of Departmental test qualifications for HSA/HSSTs Letter 1 | Letter 2
14-05-2014KGTE Exam Hall ticket published : Click Here to Download
14-05-2014Diploma Examination in Language Educations (Arabic/Urdu) March 2014 Result
09-05-2014Aided School Appointment : Right of 51A Claimants
09-05-2014SSA Ernakulam DPO letter to BPOs about the Training on 12.5.2013 and UP Arabic Second Spell
09-05-2014Measures for Revenue Augmentation-Committee Constituted
09-05-2014New Bill format(TR 59A) Introduced
09-05-2014DPI Circular to various Educational Agencies Training details should enter into the Training Management portal
09-05-2014Amount of New Text books in STD 1, 3, 5 and 7
09-05-2014List of Selected Students under the INSPIRE Award Scheme for the Year 2013-14
07-05-2014Ernakulam Revenue District: Teacher Training Venues and Schedules
07-05-2014LWA vacancies should be filled from Teacher's bank only - orders issed
05-05-2014Staff Fixation 2013 -14 - Directions : 1. Letter to all AEOs/DEOs/DDEs 2. Staff Fixation - Proceedings (4 Pages) 3. Proforma for reporting additional Divisions/Posts
05-05-2014G.O regarding Appointment of Specialist Teacher
05-05-2014LWA for B.Ed Training -Sanctioning the benefit of third proviso to Rule 33(b)(2) Part I, KSRs
02-05-2014Friday Last Period : Extra curricular activity for students
30-04-2014Private Study of Unaided students
30-04-2014Application for the post of Resource teacher under IEDSS 2014-15
29-04-2014SAMPOORNA - Circular dt. 25.4.14
28-04-2014Some useful Government Orders/Circulars for NCC ANOs (Special Thanks to Rajeev Joseph, English Blog)
28-04-2014ANOs are exempted from giving toll on National High Ways (Special Thanks to Rajeev Joseph, English Blog)
28-04-2014Canteen Facility for ANOs and Cadets (Special Thanks to Rajeev Joseph, English Blog)
26-04-2014SAY EXAMINATION 2014 SSLC 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form THSLC 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form AHSLC 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form THSLC(HI) 2014 SAY : Notification : Application Form
26-04-2014SSLC2014 : Online Registration for Scrutiny/Photocopy/Revaluation of the Answer Script : Circular
26-04-2014SSLC (HEARING IMPAIRED) : Application for Scrutiny/Photocopy/Revaluation of the Answer Script
26-04-2014AHSLC/THSLC EXAMINATION 2014 : Application for Scrutiny/Photocopy/Revaluation of the Answer Script
24-04-2014SSLC EXAMINATION 2014 - Revaluation - Circular
26-04-2014Teachers Online Transfer - Extention of verification date - Regarding
26-04-2014SSA - BRC Trainer : Press Release - Application Form
26-04-2014SRG Training 2014 : Letter - List
26-04-2014Guidelines for the conduct of Govt Servants - Regarding conduct of Elections
26-04-2014Conducting Vacation Classes - Regarding
26-04-2014Interest free Medical Employees - Modification to Application Form
24-04-2014Implementation of e-submission of Spark Bills - Whole of Kerala
24-04-2014Loans and Advances - Recovery during April - Postponed
23-04-2014Additional Skill acquisition programme Notification | School List
16-04-2014OBC Pre-Matric : Beneficiary List announced
12-04-2014Inter District Transfer 2014-15 - Instructions - Cir. Dt. 04/04/2014
11-04-2014Minority Pre-Matric - Correction in Student Details - Regarding
10-04-2014Text Book Indent (Warning from DPI)
05-04-2014Text Book Indent of Un-Aided Schools - Regarding
04-04-2014Inspire Award - DM-Letter - School Authority User Manual
04-04-2014E-Management of Inspire Award Scheme (E-Mias) - Regarding
04-04-2014NuMats - Result 2014
03-04-2014Clarification on the salary benefits for the Special Recruitment teachers in training period
03-04-2014Student Police Cadet : School Level Non-Residential Summer Camp
03-04-2014Student Police Cadet : Insignia for CPOs
22-03-2014Introduction of new TR 46 Bill form for drawing the salary claims of Self Drawing officers - G.O.(P)No.76/2014/Fin Dt. 21/02/2014
20-03-2014Text Book Indent 2014 -15 - Action against HMs who failed to place indent
20-03-2014Staff Fixation 2013-14 - Clarification Proforma 1 - Proforma 2
20-03-2014Circulars reg. HM/AEO Online transfer Circular 1 - Circular 2
16-03-2014Updation of data of employees in SPARK application - Time limit fixed direcrions Issued
16-03-2014Online submission of Salary Bills -Instructions issued
16-03-2014Online General Transfer- Primary/HS/PD Teachers Reg.
15-03-2014SPARK : E- Submission of Salary Bills SDO's - DDO's
12-03-2014Directions on conducting study tours
11-03-2014Income Tax Statements: No fee for late filing up to 31-3-2014
10-03-2014Text Book Distribution - Online Indent Submission - Regarding
10-03-2014Lump sum grant Distribution - Ernakulam Dist
06-03-2014SSLC Exam Manager(for windows)
06-03-2014SSLC 2014 - CWSN - Circular - DEO wise list - List II
06-03-2014SSLC 2014 - Grace Mark Entry - Circular - Eligibility
06-03-2014Staff Fixation 2014
06-03-2014The due dates for filing IT statements for the 2nd quarter 2012-13 to the third quarter 2013-14 are extended to 31-3-2014 - Circular
04-03-2014Nirbhaya - English - Malayalam
04-03-2014Exemption of Malayalam Language to Non Malayalam Medium Schools
28-02-2014Annual Exam Time Table 2014 : HS Section (Revised) | HS Attached LP, UP (Revised) | LP & UP | Muslim School | Circular
28-02-2014Staff Details in Schools - Circular - Website
28-02-2014Staff Fixation 2013-14 - Interim order to resume the staff fixation - Lr.No.H2/29303/13/DPI Dt. 26/02/2014
28-02-2014General Education Department- Reporting anticipated vacancies to Kerala Public Service Commission- reg. Cir.No.11185/J2/14/Gl.Edn. Dt.22/02/2014
27-02-2014GPF to those coming under NPS - Clarification
26-02-2014Protection of Children from Sexual Offences - Made Simple
26-02-2014Protection of Child Rights : Text Book Cover Page - Pamphlet - Website
26-02-2014Procedure for admission in Unaided and Specified category schools : Guidelines - Clarification in provisions - Gazette - Website
26-02-2014STOP Violence against children - Resource Material for Teachers
25-02-2014Tubacco Free Educational Institutions : Circular - Report Regarding
25-02-2014Salary of Self Drawing Officers- New TR 46 Bill form - Introduced G.O.(P)No.76/2014/Fin Dt. 21/02/2014
23-02-2014Noon Meal - Contigency - Allowing Fund - Regarding
23-02-2014SPQUEM(Scheme for providing quality education in Madrassas) - Notification - Application Form
21-02-2014SSLC 2014 - Notification : Malayalam - English
21-02-2014IT Exam - Std 8, 9 Circular
21-02-2014Promotion of Clerks as Senior Clerks (2006-09)- Order No. C5/5/2014/DPI Dt.20/02/2014
21-02-2014KTET Duplicate Certificate - Fee rate and Application form - Order G.O.(MS)No.410/2014/G.Edn Dt. 27/01/2014
18-02-2014Transfer & postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of departmental High schools/AEO/TTIs and equated categories Order D5/905/2013/DPI dated 15.2.2014 Order D5/905/2013/DPI(1) dated 15.2.2014 Order D5/905/2013/DPI(2) dated 15.2.2014
16-02-2014G.O. - Higher Secondary Education - LWA granted for B.Ed Training
14-02-2014Child Line posters in Classroom -Regarding
14-02-2014IT Exam : Latest Circular
13-02-201425th FEB Last date for UID
12-02-2014Probability of Sunstroke and Sunburn in light of increasing incoming solar radiation-reg.
12-02-2014MDM-instructions for hiring vehicle for the inspection of mid-day meal scheme
12-02-2014Latest Circular about School uniform
12-02-2014Sports School admission for students from STD VIII
12-02-2014SPC Circular Local Self Govt can allot fund for SPC School Unit
12-02-2014SSLC IT Practical Examination Circular 2014
11-02-2014 Online submission of Salary Bills - Ernakulam District - Instructions to DDO and SDOs
10-02-2014 UPDATED Easy IT Calculator - Ubuntu based by Baburaj Sir
03-02-2014Calc n Print EC Tax 2014 -Income Tax Calculator(Ubuntu Based) by Sri.NPK Das Malappuram
05-02-2014 LSS USS Exams 2014 - Instructions on conducting exams Cir.Dt. 05/02/2014
05-02-2014National Pension Scheme : Guidelines
05-02-2014Instruction regarding School Society Regn.
04-02-2014Circular About SSLC CE Mark uploading
04-02-2014Circular About SSLC IT Examination 2014
02-02-2014EC Tax 2014 - Excel based Income Tax Calculator Prepared by Sri.Sudheerkumar T.K
02-02-2014EC Tax 2014 - Excel based Income Tax Calculator Prepared by Sri.Babu Vadakkumchery
02-02-2014EC Tax 2014 - Excel based Income Tax Calculator Prepared by Sri.Abdul Rahiman
01-02-2014Creamy layer for Other Backward Communities - Income Limit raised to six lakh G.O.(MS)No.5/2014/BCDD - Dt. 31/01/2014
01-02-2014Inter District Transfer on Compassionate Ground - Applications invited - Lr. Dt. 29/01/2014
01-02-2014Installing Bio-Gas Plants in schools - Circular Dt. 25/01/2014
01-02-2014Appointment in Govt /Aided Service other than through PSC - Production of ID Card insisting reg - Cir.No.12521/AVC VI(3)/13/P &ARD Dt. 26/07/2013
01-02-2014Text Book Distribution 2014-15 - Software Updation - Uploading school details under each School Society- Cir.No. Dt. 30/01/2014
30-01-2014Martyrs Day - 30/1/2014 - Observing one minute silence- Cir. Dt. 01/01/2014
30-01-2014SC/ST Persons in service - Temporary Exemption from passing Special or Departmental Tests- Period of exemption extended G.O.(P)No.4/2014/P&ARD - Dt. 21/01/2014
30-01-2014Higher Secondary - Application for Duplicate Certificates - Fee rate - Clarification - Cir.Dt. 15/01/2014
30-01-2014Higher Secondary Education - Fee for Certificate Verification - Orders issued - G.O.(MS)No.318/2013/G.Edn Dt. 06/12/2013
30-01-2014Scout and Guide activities extended to Higher Secondary - Orders Issued - G.O.(MS)No.14/2014/G.Edn Dt. 15/01/2014
28-01-2014Promotion ,Transfer and Postings of officers in the cadre of DDE and DEOs
22-01-2014എറണാകുളം ജില്ലാ പഞ്ചായത്ത് - ഡിജിറ്റല്‍ ക്ലാസ്സ് റൂം സമ്മതപത്രം
22-01-2014CR to HSS Directorate - "Better late than Never"
22-01-2014RMSA- Formation of SMDC in Govt Secondary Schools
22-01-2014Socio - Ecnomic - Caste Survey - Clarification on Surrender Benefits
20-01-2014OBC - Pre-Matric Scholarship 2013-14 Circular - Advertisement - Application Form - Apply Online
20-01-2014SEBC Reservation for Professional courses- Income limit enhanced to Rs. 6 lakhs- G.O.(MS)No.3/2014/BCDD Dt. 09/01/2014
18-01-2014School Mid-Day Meal - Rules and Regulations under Food Safety and Standards Act
18-01-2014SSLC Model Examination - 2014 - Time Table
18-01-2014Guidelines for Mid-Day Meal Scheme
18-01-2014Guidelines for Mid-Day Meal Scheme
18-01-2014Application for Registraion/Removal of registraion under Food safety and Standards Act
18-01-2014Performa For Medical Fitness Certificate For Food Handlers
18-01-2014Wiki Library Digitalisation Project - Circular
17-01-2014LSS USS Exam 2014 - Change in Time Table - Cir. Dt. 16/01/2014
17-01-2014SSLC Model IT Exam Circular
16-01-2014LSS/USS Notification, Activity Calender and Portfolio
16-01-2014അഖിലകേരള കഥാരചനാ മത്സരം - കുട്ടികള്‍ക്ക്
16-01-2014DPI Circular : HMs should ensure the authenticity of the documents which produced for Scholarships
16-01-2014DPI Circular : To Complete the School level distribution of OBC Prematric Scholarship for 2012-2013
15-01-2014RMSA -Selection for the post of career Guidance Co-ordinator : Notification - Application Form
15-01-2014Lost School days. – Suggestions to Teachers Union
15-01-2014IT@School moves to Higher Secondary Schools- Approach paper placed before curriculum committee.
10-01-2014Kerala Engineering Agriculture Medical Entrance Examination 2014- Online Application KEAM 2014 : Pre-requisites | Photo guidelines | How to Apply | Prospectus | Notification | List of Post Offices | Reasons for Rejection | FAQ | Help Desk
09-01-2014NPS_Details to be furnished to treasury
08-01-2014SSLC -2014 Circular for Examinership
07-01-2014Uniform Distribution 2013-14 - Circular from DPI
06-01-2014Instruction & Participant list for Southern India Science Fair - 2014
01-01-2014Applications are invited from teacher to act as Master Trainers in English - Terms and Conditions | Application Form
01-01-2014DPI Circular about Income Tax (TDS Recovery from Salary)
01-01-2014DPI Circular about Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education Scholarship
01-01-2014DPI Letter about Work Experience Education and Production

>> Wednesday, January 1, 2014

31-12-2013Maternity leave - Transfer during leave - Clarification Dt. 24/12/2013
30-12-2013GPF/KASEPF Enhancement of Loan limit reg
30-12-2013SAMPOORNA - Ultimatum
28-12-2013Ernakulam District Kalolsavam 2013-2014
26-12-2013Free Uniform Supply Circular | Specifications | Instructions | Calculation for AEO Colour Codes | Uniform Codes | Schools and No. of Students Test Reports of Textile Committee - 1 | 2 | 3
26-12-2013Appointment of Data Entry Operator - Revised Circular
24-12-2013Dearness Allowance - Rates revised from 1/7/2013 G.O.(P)No.630/2013/Fin Dt. 23/12/2013
24-12-2013D.A.Arrear Drawal - General guidelines in view of Contributory Pension Scheme - G.O.(P)No.629/2013/Fin Dt. 23/12/2013
24-12-2013Submitting confidential reports - Regarding
24-12-2013VICTERS channel for selected schools-directions
22-12-2013Departmental Tests - Notification with Timetable
19-12-2013USS - Arabic Portfolio
19-12-2013Vidyarangam State Kalolsavam - Brochure
19-12-2013New DEO offices/Higher Secondary Offices - Redeployment of officers D4/58269/DPI Dt. 10/12/2013
17-12-2013State Level C.V.Raman Essay Writing Competition 2013 -14 -Result
17-12-2013State Level Science Investigatory Project Competition 2013 -14 Result
13-12-2013Clarification - Pooling of Specialist Teachers
12-12-2013Finance Dept. Clarification on Modification of Scale of Pay
12-12-2013UID based Staff fixation process for 2013-14- Order freezed
11-12-2013Early disbursment of 25% Pay and allowances Order
11-12-2013Restriction on deputation and appointments in long leave vacancies
10-12-2013Human Rights Day - Circular and Pledge
10-12-2013Free Uniform 2013-14 - Instructions
10-12-2013Second Terminal Exam - Change in Time Table
08-12-2013Govt. Clarification on Passing of Dep. Test and excemption for promotion as HM
06-12-2013Govt. Clarification on Re-option
06-12-2013Spark - Discontinuation of countersignature on bills of Aided Primary and High Schools - Further instructions - Circular
06-12-2013New Pension Scheme - Updation in Spark reg.
03-12-2013LSS / USS Instruction regarding Online Data
03-12-2013Staff Fixation
03-12-2013Letter to all HMs / Pricipals from Transport Commissionnaire
02-12-2013Pay Commission Formation GO
28-11-2013SSLC 2014 forms to download A List | B list | Other forms
28-11-2013 LSS - USS EXAMINATION 2013 : Notification | Video Conference for Educational officers
28-11-2013Nursery Teachers Examination MARCH 2014 : Notification | Press Release
28-11-2013STD Xth Equivalency Revaluation Result New Scheme | Old Scheme
28-11-2013Mattanchery Subdistrict Kalolsavam - Program Notice
27-11-2013SSLC 2014 Candidate Detials Correction Circular
27-11-2013Vypin Subdistrict Kalolsavam - Program Notice
27-11-2013Sulthan batheri Sub-dist. kalolsavam : program
24-11-2013Kerala School Sports 2013-2014 Results - School wise points - Order of Events
24-11-2013Second Term Exam Time Table: High School | LP/UP
24-11-2013National Teachers award 2013-14 Guidelines - Notification - Proforma -1 - Proforma - 2
22-11-2013 KASTURIRANGAN REPORT (KERALA) : An Overview Part 1 | Part 2
22-11-2013 Aided school bills without counter signature - Orders issued
20-11-2013 Atrocities against Children - Committee Report
19-11-2013 Dearness allowance arrears-Crediting to Provident Fund Accounts-Time limit extended
18-11-2013 Science Fair - 2013 - Order of Events
16-11-2013 Cluster Training on Nov 16 - Attendence Compulsory
16-11-2013 Practical Nutritional Awareness Training to School Teachers - Regarding
16-11-2013 SSLC-2014 - Submission of Application for CWSN - Regarding
13-11-2013 GPAI Scheme - Renewal for the year 2014
13-11-2013K-TET-2013 Result Published
13-11-2013 SSLC 2014 - Application for Supervision Gulf Region - Lakshadweep
13-11-2013 SSLC - 2014 - A-List Correction - Circular
08-11-2013ICT Hardware Distribution Schedule
08-11-2013Reallocation of ministerial staffs in Education Dept
08-11-2013Celebration of National Education Day on Nov 11
07-11-2013Ernakulam Dist. Sasthrolsavam : IT Fair | Maths | Science | Wex | Social | Id Card
06-11-2013D.Ed - Instructions - Guidelines - Sample Question Papers - 1 - 2
06-11-2013Eusure Safety and hygiene of MDM to Schools - Guidelines issued - Permission to hire vehicle for monitoring
05-11-2013Trissur Dist. IT Fair schedule
05-11-2013Scholarship for the children of school teachers - Notification
05-11-2013SLI- Revised Table
04-11-2013Digital Signature User Manual
04-11-2013Nov -14 Children’s Day – Circular & Pledge
31-10-2013മലയാള ഭാഷാദിന പ്രതിജ്ഞ നവംബര്‍ ൧:
31-10-2013N Paravur, Ernakulam : Program Notice - sasthrolsavam
30-10-2013Maintanence grant to Aided Schools - Revision in the rates - orders issued
30-10-2013An informative Circular from KASEPF, Kannur
30-10-2013Special hardware Clinic - it@school
30-10-2013I.T Mela 2013 - regarding
30-10-2013Observance of Oct 31 as National Re-Dedication Day - regarding
30-10-2013Exam Analysis - LSS - USS
29-10-2013Including UID Details of students online - Directions
29-10-2013Bank TSB Account Details & Proforma
29-10-2013Permission to show film about Ayyankali in Schools
29-10-2013Leave Benefit to part time teachers - Modified
29-10-2013Appointment of independent head teachers in LP, UP Schools
29-10-2013Appointment of independent head teachers in LP, UP Schools
29-10-2013X'Mas Talent Test by Mother Teresa Memorial Trust
29-10-2013Painting competition on energy conservation
29-10-2013ICT Training for primary teachers - Directions
28-10-2013Teacher Appointment - K-TET - Qualification Exemption extended to 2013-14 also - G.O.(P)No.284/13/G.Edn Dt. 24/10/2013
24-10-201316th State Special School Kalolsavam 2013 -14
24-10-2013Departmental Test (Jan-2014) - Notification issued
24-10-2013World Space Week 2013 -Handbook & Notification
17-10-2013Online submission of Salary Bills - Instructions Issued : Circular - Instructions to DDOs - Instructions to SDOs
23-10-2013While withdrawing amount from P.F - regarding
23-10-2013Managers as public information officers - orders issued
22-10-2013Rabindrotsavam: State level Drama competition at Ernakulam
22-10-2013SSLC 2014-Video Conference in Connection with orientation Programme to HMs
22-10-2013Income Tax Filing of Quaterly TDS Strict Directions
21-10-2013Children's 6th Ecological Congress date extented : Press Release- Details & Application Form
21-10-2013IT Examination March 2013 – Remuneration Sanctioned
21-10-2013Convergence Meeting on Oct 28 and 29 – Circular
21-10-2013District Merrit Scholarship - 2013 (For students who secured full A+ grade during SSLC 2013)
21-10-2013Malayalam Day and Classical Language Week Celebrations- Guidelines issued
21-10-2013Giving reply to people's representatives - Regarding
19-10-2013Circular about dress Code of Teachers (Teachers can use Churidar in Schools) : Latest Circular | Old Circular
19-10-2013 Noon Meal Scheme - Appointment of Data Entry Operator
19-10-2013Application for the post of Teachers in G.V Raja Sports School, Thiruvananthapuram
നവംബര്‍ ൧ - " മലയാളം - ശ്രേഷ്ഠഭാഷാ ദിനം " കുറിപ്പ് | ഉത്തരവ് ‌| പ്രതി‍ജ്ഞ
18-10-2013Sarry as compulsory uniform -Regarding
17-10-2013B Ed Course - Time 2 Years GO
17-10-2013Online submission of Salary Bills - Instructions Issued Circular - Instructions to DDOs - Instructions to SDOs
17-10-2013Child care Allowance to Female Government Employees having Mentally /Physically challenged Children - Modification
17-10-2013Buying Library books from SIEMAT using School Library Fund - Circular
14-10-2013Income tax circular about Tax Deduction at source for the financial year 2013-2014
14-10-2013Noon Feeding Planner Plus V 1.3 | Help file Prepared by Sudheer Kumar T K, KCALP School, Eramangalam
14-10-2013STD X &IX Mark list cum Progress report- Excel Programme Prepared by Narendran.C.V, HSST, BEMHSS, Kasaragod
10-10-2013Grant of Financial Assistance for education to the children of Beedi/Lime Stone & Dolomite Mines/Cine workers for the year 2013-14 - Circular - Application Form
09-10-2013Aided Primary and HS HMs as Drawing Officer – Regarding
09-10-2013Application for Medical Reimbursement - Regarding
09-10-2013List of Schools functioning as per Muslim calender 2012 -13 -Report & Abstract
09-10-2013Youth Festival - Fund Remiting
09-10-2013P.T.B Memorial Children's Science Examination
08-10-2013SSLC Time Table March 2014
08-10-2013CE Teacher Training Circular
08-10-2013IEDSS One Day Orientation Programme to HS HM and Teacher
08-10-2013SSLC - 2014 - Notification
05-10-2013Onam Advance - Recovery Instructions
05-10-2013"Ammuvinte Attinkutty" - Goat Rearing Program - Details | Application Form
05-10-2013Sugama Hindi Examination on 04-01-2014
04-10-2013Census-2011 - Earned Leave for Teachers attended enumeration duty Clarification
04-10-2013Circular - IT Mid term Exam
03-10-2013Purchase of toys for Pre-Primary Schools and Utilization Certificate
03-10-2013Painting Competition on Energy Conservation - 2013
03-10-2013Free English Teacher Training from RIESI-Banglore - Application Invited
02-10-2013Press Release - NuMATS Registration Date Extended
01-10-2013IT Mela 2013 Circular
30-09-2013Gandhijayandhi - Special School Assembly
30-09-2013Speedy processing of court cases - Working arrangement
30-09-2013Press release - Application invited for buying text books for school Library
30-09-2013Improvement of Library and Laboratory facilities in Departmental High schools for year 2013 -14
29-09-2013School Maths Lab - Directions - Press Release
28-09-2013Press release - Application invited for buying text books for school Library
27-09-2013Wild Life Week Oct 2 to 8. Pledge to be taken on 3-10-13 – Directions
27-09-2013World Space Week 2013 - Notification and HandBook
27-09-2013Documents Considered for appointment of Aided School Employees
26-09-2013Rearrangement of IT Examination time (High School Section) - Order
26-09-2013Children's 6th Ecological Congress - Details of Competitions & Application Form
26-09-2013HBA - State wise Combined Seniority List - Published Circular ‌| Statewide Seniority list
26-09-2013HBA from HUDCO to State Government Employees
25-09-2013Wild Life Week 2013 - Instructions
24-09-2013Quality Education Pupil's Right (QEPR) - Training Program for School heads
24-09-2013125th Anniversary of Legislative Bodies of Kerala - State Level Aptitude Test - RESULTS
24-09-2013 Minority Pre-matric - No need to submit Back Account Details - Circular
23-09-2013NuMats 2013-14 - Circular | Brochure| Syllabus
23-09-2013Enterprenership Scheme - Award of Grace Marks and Attendence - Order
21-09-2013C.V Raman Essay Competition 2013
21-09-2013All Kerala Inter-School Space Quiz competition - Conducted by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)
21-09-2013Gandhi Jayanthi Quiz - 2013 - Conducted by Kerala Khadi and Village Industries Board
21-09-2013RMSA - Updation of Bank Account for Schools - Circular
21-09-2013SSLC 2014 - Age Relaxation
13-09-2013 Extended the Special Festival Allowance to the teaching and non-teaching staff of Special Schools
13-09-2013 Authorizing Headmasters of Aided Primary and High schools to draw salary without counter signature
13-09-2013 Including NTU in Various Committees of Education Department
13-09-2013 Additional charge of the post of Executive Director, IT@School Project, Thiruvananthapuram to Dr. Babu Sebastian, Director, SIET
11-09-2013Festival Allowance to NM Cooks and Pre Primary Teachers
08-09-2013Onam - 5kg Special Rice Distribution - Circular
06-09-2013Onam Advance to Part-time Contingent Employees, NMR workers, Grass Cutters and other categories of employees for 2013
06-09-2013 Onam Advance to Government Employees for 2O13
06-09-2013Adhoc Bonus Special Festival Allowance to State Govt Employees and Pensioners
06-09-2013 Free uniform scheme -Time extended
04-09-2013 Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances - Limit Enhanced to 50%
04-09-2013 Early Disbursement of 25% of Pay and Allowances
04-09-2013 Teachers State Award Winners 2013 -14 (Secondary Section)
04-09-2013Teachers - State Award Winners 2013 -14 (Primary Section)
02-09-2013Morning Exams arranged on 5th September for STD VII (Maths) and STD IV (Malayalam) Changed to after noon on the same day
02-09-2013First Term Exam on September 4th postponed to September 23rd
02-09-2013Post Creation in Government Higher Secondary Schools - detailed orders issued.
02-09-2013Package Staff fixation 2013-14 Circular
02-09-2013Revised pay scale to cluster co-ordinators
01-09-2013Vidyarangam - Books for "Aswadanakkurip" and Results of Teachers' Competition
29-08-2013Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances | Limit Enhanced to 50% (New GO)
29-08-2013NTSE / NMMSE Examination - 2013-14 - Press Release
29-08-2013GO : TTC renamed as Diploma in Education (D.Ed)
29-08-2013GO-Aided Clerks -Reckoning other service for Grade
29-08-2013Transfer,Posting & Promotion of officers-JDPI/DDE/DEO
26-08-2013Onam - early Disbursment of 25% Pay
26-08-2013Gothra Sarathi Project - Circular | Instructions
26-08-2013Swades 2013 - Mega Quiz Competition
26-08-2013Vidyarangam Kalasahithya Vedi- Activity Inaguration - Ernakulam District
26-08-2013Painting Competition in connection with Green Building Week
26-08-2013Instruction - Free School Uniform to Students
22-08-2013Action Plan 2013-14 - Maths, Science & Social Science
22-08-2013Science Aptitude Programme in IRTC High School and Higher Secondary Students can participate
22-08-2013National Means Cum Merit Scholarship – Circular
22-08-2013PSC Exam on Aug 24 & 31. Holiday to Exam Center Schools
21-08-2013Minority Pre-Matric 2013-14 - Time Extented to 27.08.2013
21-08-2013First Terminal Examination Time Table - Sep 2013 : High School (General)-Updated | STD I to VII | Muslim School
20-08-2013IEDSS Salary to attendants appointed in High Schools AS accorded
20-08-2013Granting of recognition to unrecognized schools following State Syllabus – Time extended for submitting application – orders issued
20-08-2013SSLC March 2014 New Exam Centers – Proposals called
17-08-2013PEECS - A useful Presentation
17-08-2013Teacher's Day Celebrations - Competitions
14-08-2013Education Calender 2013 -14
14-08-2013Spark : Form 5 for setting Controlling Officer
14-08-2013Verification of Service Book of Senior Clerks
13-08-2013TTC going to be D Ed - GO
07-08-2013August 8 -Holiday due to Eid-ul-Fitr - GO
07-08-2013Guidelines for submission of application for assistance from NFTW
07-08-2013Application for the post of DDE(IEDSS)
07-08-2013Family Pension to the parents of deceased Govt. Employee consequent on remarriage/death of spouse
05-08-2013Gothra Sarathi Project - Circular
05-08-2013Cashew Cultivation - Circular
05-08-2013National Banrang Kalolsavam - Participation of Students
05-08-2013Cricket Tharodayam - 2013
05-08-2013Visiting Museum as part of Study Tour - Circular
05-08-2013Guidelines for submission of application for assistance from NFTW
04-08-2013K-TET 2013 PROSPECTUS
03-08-2013E-Filing - Help File, Prepared by Abdurahiman, ICT Cell, DHSE, Thiruvananthapuram
03-08-2013Scheme of work - 2013 -14 -STD VIII, IX & X
03-08-2013Post of Resource Teacher under IEDSS -2013 -14 Press Release | Application Form
30-07-2013Application invited for the post of Clerk/Computer operator at RMSA
30-07-2013Payment of salary to teachers from July 2013 onwards
26-07-2013CYBER CRIME : DPI - Circular GUIDELINES - For Teachers - For Parents
26-07-2013SCHOLARSHIPS - Pre-Primary Section L.P Section | U.P Sectioni | High School Section
26-07-2013Scientific method of appointment of Teachers in Aided Schools
25-07-2013Qualifications for LDC revised
23-07-2013Sanskrit Day DPI Circular
20-07-2013Nursery School Teacher Examination 2013 - Results
20-07-2013Circular for school parliament election 2013-14 Academic year
18-07-2013National Teachers Day Circular
18-07-2013Mid Day Meal Programme – Circular 18-7-13
17-07-2013Mid Day Meal Scheme 2013-2014 Write-Up | Presentation
17-07-2013Excellence in Kalolsavam – Scholarship for poor children
17-07-2013NFTW Account of Teachers day Stamp and Coupon
17-07-2013Recognition to unrecognized schools functioning under state syllabus : Notification | Application form
16-07-2013HSC- Aided-Teaching Posts and Lab Assistant Posts-Created and upgraded for the years 2011-12 and 2012-13
16-07-2013Pooling of Specialist Teachers included in Teachers Package Claiming Salary
16-07-2013Minority Prematric - Order Related to including the details of Un-Aided,CBSE,ICSE schools in Sampoorna Software
15-07-2013HS HM/AEO Promotion Order
15-07-2013Abhiruchi Pareeksha 2013
12-07-2013CCE-Revised Teacher Training Schedule
12-07-2013Supreme Court Order -Suchithwa Mission
12-07-2013Logo for the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights
06-07-2013Spark Training Schedule - Gen. education - Palakkad
06-07-2013Unaided Schools-Granting of Recognition to unrecognized schools following State Syllabus-Time Frame Prescribed - Orders issued
05-07-2013Circular-Educational Assistance to children from women headed families
05-07-2013Video Conference on 08.07.2013
05-07-2013Tobacco Free Kerala - Reporting format for HMs
05-07-2013Digital Signature - Explanation
05-07-2013Pre Matric - Info on Back Account
04-07-2013Mathrubhumi SEED Programme
04-07-2013Kerala School Kalolsava Fund Collection
04-07-2013Enhancing the age limit for recruitment of teachers in Aided Schools
04-07-2013LWA – Rejoining at the fag end of an academic year -Request for cancellation of unavailed portion
03-07-2013CCE-Teacher Training - Schedule
02-07-2013Sports & Games - Athletic Fund
02-07-2013Snehapoorvam Project by Social Security Mission - Application Form and Instructions
02-07-2013Promotion & Postings of HSAs in the cadre of Heads of Punchayath High Schools
02-07-2013DA Orders since 1988 (Sent by Ravikumar Sir)
01-07-2013Youth Parliament in selected schools
26-06-2013Higher Secondary Education - Sanctioning of new Higher Secondary batches and additional batches in the existing Higher Secondary Schools : GO I | GO II | GO III
26-06-2013Financial Assistance for Sports Clubs/ Government/ Aided Schools/ Individuals 2013-14
25-06-2013Aptitude Test - by Kerala Niyamasabha Secretariat Notifications | Guidelines | Question Bank
25-06-2013Anti - Drug Pledge for June 26
21-06-2013RTI -Guidelines for granting recognition to unrecognized schools following State Syllabus
21-06-2013Aptitude Test for School Children
21-06-2013Pre-Matric Scholarship Circular 1 | Circular 2 | Circular 3 | Application Form
21-06-2013Holidays declared by the District Collectors- Attendance of Teachers - Clarification
20-06-2013Proforma for the USS Results with blockwise list 2013
20-06-2013Proforma for the eligible students for LSS/USS scholarship 2013 : Proforma for LSS | Proforma for USS
19-06-2013STATE ELIGIBILITY TEST - 2013: ANSWER KEYS (Published on 19/06/2013)
19-06-2013CCE - DRGTraining- – List of Centres
19-06-2013List of SRG & Core SRG Members for DRG Training (CE)
19-06-2013Kerala State Science and Technology Museum and Priyadarsini Planetarium- Inculcate Scholarship 2013-14 Application for Screening Test invited
19-06-2013June 19 to be observed as Reading Day
19-06-2013SPACE Help book for Teachers – LP, UP and HS
18-06-2013ICT Training - 2013
18-06-2013Promotion and Postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO’s/TTIs (2)
18-06-2013Promotion and Postings of officers in the cadre of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEO’s/TTIs (1)
17-06-2013Vidyarangam Kalasahithya vedi 2013-14 - Circular
17-06-2013Monsoon Preparedness - Prevention of Epidemics
17-06-2013Selecting Best PTA 2012-13
16-06-2013Stipend for ST Students - Distribution Dates - Ernakulam Dist
16-06-2013CCE Details of DRG Training
16-06-2013SSLC 2013 Certificate Correction
16-06-2013CCE DRG Training – Circular
16-06-2013Deputing Teachers for other duties – Circular
14-06-2013DPI Circular on staff Fixation based on UID
14-06-2013Fixation of strength based on UID - Time schedule - DPI Circular
14-06-2013DBT - Instruction to DPI/DDEs reg
14-06-2013Beneficiary List : Incentive to Girls | N M M S
13-06-2013Anti-Dengue pledge to be sworn in Assembly
13-06-2013Higher Secondary Education –Additional Higher Secondary Courses and Batches –Instructions Given to Notify Application
10-06-2013Aided HM as DDO Training to PA & SS
07-06-2013RTE Structural Changes - Correction in Circular
07-06-2013THSLC Revaluation Result 2013
07-06-2013Postings of Therapists in Schools - Order
07-06-2013CCE-SRG Training - Cricular
06-06-2013Pre-Matric Scholarship - Income Certificate Compulsory
05-06-2013Sanskrit Council Formation - Circular
03-06-2013Inspire Award 2013
03-06-2013Mid Day Meal Scheme - Directions
03-06-2013C.E Marks - Training for SRGs
03-06-2013RTE-Structural Changes - Renaming of Schools
03-06-2013Prospectus for admission to Professional Degree Courses - KEAM 13 - amended - Orders issued
03-06-2013NMMS - Aadhaar - Circular
03-06-2013IEDSS - Medical Camp - Circular
03-06-2013Subrato Cup Football Tournament
03-06-2013Revised Draft Provisional List of HM/AEO 2013-14
01-06-2013Student Police Cadet : Promotional Video telecasting on 03-06-2013